Qi Gong Classes

Qi Gong (Chi Kung) is a gentle practice of simple flowing movements with attention to posture, energy flow and the breath. It directs and cultivates Qi (life force/energy) in and around the body. It is similar to Tai Chi but the movements are very much simpler and easier to follow. No previous experience is necessary.

Qi Gong Classes in Guildford

I hold small Qi Gong classes in my calming studio in Normandy, Guildford and we sometimes use the peaceful garden to help connect with nature.

Qi Gong is a very healthy practice for taking care of yourself and your wellbeing on all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

It helps to improve coordination, balance, flexibility and strength – working on all the bodily systems. It is useful to de-stress, relax, calm, centre and bring mental clarity.

Working with energy flow, Qi Gong practise is used to clear, harmonise, tonify (gather & strengthen) and store energy  – which you can then draw upon when needed.

It is a way of giving yourself some quiet and focused attention. It can be used as a kind of movement meditation or mindful movement.

I enjoy connecting the sessions with nature and the seasons. I often draw on aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Five Elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water). I work with the 3 main energy centres – Head, Heart and Hara.

I have trained in the Biospirals Method  which includes movements that follow the spiralling shape in which energy naturally flows. It develops awareness and concentration in tuning into the flow of energy within the body. It works on the meridian flow, helps to free up stuck energy in the joints and releases holding patterns in the fascia/connective tissue.

Qi Gong can also be a great compliment to Yoga or Relaxation & Meditation classes. I often add some Qi Gong movements to my other classes to share the benefits.

Qi Gong is a light and pleasurable practise which gently connects us to our Source and allows the free flow of life force/Qi to bring everything back to ‘natural order’.

Please see Workshop Calendar page or Schedules page for dates of sessions.

Please contact me to book in advance as places are limited.

I’ve found Sarah’s Qi Gong classes at The Oaks great for increasing my energy levels and lifting my mood. Sarah keeps the classes grounded although always maintains a fun approach. We learn new moves and techniques each session. The names of these often make me smile. We regularly venture into the beautiful garden at The Oaks when the weather allows. This is a real treat and enhances a connection with nature. Everything is always chilled, relaxed and friendly at The Oaks with no judgement about your ability/appearance etc. I thoroughly enjoy the classes and highly recommend them to others.

Andrea Robinson, Normandy, Guildford.

I have recently joined Sarah’s Qi Gong classes. She sets the scene in her low-lit, fragranced studio within her beautiful garden – which is all so calming. Sarah’s gentle, relaxing movements, by the end of her classes, leave me feeling warm in my joints and totally rested.  In a small friendly group of about 6 students, I feel personally included. It’s an enjoyable class every time

Teresa N, Normandy

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